Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Free!...Drain free that is!

Time to celebrate!!! I got my drain removed (after 13 days) yesterday!!!! I told My PS that if he hadn't of taken it out I wasn't leaving the office until he did, yeah he thought I was joking. Just so happy to finally be drain free again. As he was pulling it out my whole chest started vibrating it was crazy he said it had gotten stuck it felt like it had been wrapped around my rib cage it was so weird feeling coming out. He said next week my stitches will be removed and then we can finally hopefully in 2 weeks continue the process and start to get filled again Yahoo! As I said before my one boob is smaller than the other, about 100ccs smaller to be exact. Everyone says they don't notice until I say something but it drives me nuts. Pretty sure my first fill will be to the left breast only (the problem one) so that way I can catch up to the right and look even again :) My goal is to hopefully in the next month to be back sleeping in my own bed. This week I just graduated to the couch which is very comfy might I add, but I miss my bed and my spooning partner Brian. It took me almost 7 weeks to be able to just lay on my right side. I cant even try my left yet as it is way too sore still. Unfortunately I am a stomach sleeper and side sleeper. I probably won't be able to do that again until after the swap out surgery boo!!! SO that's my update for now. No pictures this week just hasn't been enough time for that or another video. Maybe next week will calm down a little. Hope everyone has a happy healthy and safe new year!

I need to get one of these!!

Ha! the website I found this on had this to say...
"It doesn't come in drunk, snore, steal the sheets or wake you up."

"But you may find the pillow talk somewhat one sided."


Michelle said...

The one thing I'm worried about is the drains! I've had one PS consult and have already made her aware that they make me squeamish and nervous. She says she uses 4 :( Do you use any of the special pillows? It is impossible for me to sleep on my back so I'm looking at different ones to order.

Robyn said...

The drains by far were the most painful. I had one on each side, i was a stomach and side sleeper myself and i had no other choice but to sleep on my back :( i will tell you this though, my new best friend was a recliner and a body pillow(just a normal long one) and just recently did i graduate to the couch. once you have the surgery you kinda just learn a new way too sleep. or at least i did. But everyone is different. I have heard people talk about special pillows like this one