Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving Forward

Today I had a visit with my PS. Finally a visit where I heard nothing but good news!! I got my stitches removed from my problem boob (the left one). Which by the way I did not feel one part of that at all. Everything in my center area of the breast where the incision is, is still completely numb, Although the top part of my breasts do have feeling. I am a little nervous I may feel my next fill injection. That brings me to my next great thing! He is finally starting to begin with the fills again. I only got to experience one fill before things got bad and I needed to have the 2nd surgery so this is definitely an awesome thing to hear! I was crossing my fingers that he would start next tuesday but, he wants to wait two weeks. At this fill he will only be doing my problem boob to catch up with my awesome boob(the right one) haha. My right breast looks great my scar is completely healed and is even starting to fade! So at the next visit both my boobs will finally be the same size. Currently my right breast is 310-cc's and my Left is only 210-cc's. Even though others don't really notice the size difference until I tell them, I sure know they are different and it bothers me. I asked my PS how many CC's will it take to get a medium to large B cup and he stated probably about 400-450ish. He said that I won't need many fill appointments once we do get started. The PS will fill me every two weeks and about 60-cc's at a time. They had me schedule appts up until the 1st week in March and thats it. They said I may only need the two appts in February but to schedule one in March "just incase". Hearing all this news made me super happy!!! See I was thinking that if I had my mastectomy in November which I did I wouldn't be able to have my exchange surgery until March. Once I had to have my second surgery in December I thought the exchange would not be able to happen until late Spring early Summer. I can't believe that possibly I will be able to have my exchange next month!!! Last but not least the PS is still trying to wean me off the MS Contin which is the 12 hour extended release pain medication. this week I cut down to 1 a day instead of 2. Hopefully by the weekend I will start to only rely on the Oxycodone only(which I also have to take). that's the next thing I will have to work on. It has been 8 weeks with out driving and I really want to drive but I can't until I'm off the medication. Personally I could probably drive fine but God forbid I get in an accident and I would be charged with driving under a controlled substance. Not gonna mess with that one. So now I leave you with my newest pics I am 8 weeks post op on my Right side and 3 weeks post op on my left (ugh again so annoying I have to say that). Until next time folks!
You can tell the size difference here

Left Breast 3 Weeks Post Op

Steri Strips are covering my incision 
Right Breast 8 Weeks Post Op

Look how faded my right scar is, too bad they are going reopen that for the exchange surgery

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