Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 posts for the PRice of ONE!

So I thought I would double post tonight since I am still up. I thought it would be interesting to post the  after transition photos  of the entire process. So here you go. 

5 Days Post Op 
3.5 Weeks Post op

4 Weeks Post op  

5 1/2 weeks post op and 1 week after 2nd surgery

Right Breast 8 Weeks Post Op
Left Breast 3 Weeks Post Op

Right Breast 9 Weeks Post Op
Left Breast 5 Weeks Post Op

Right Breast 11 Weeks Post Op
Left Breast 7 Weeks Post Op

Right Breast 15 Weeks Post Op
Left Breast 11 Weeks Post Op

Night Before Exchange Surgery

1 Day Post op After Exchange Surgery 3/18/11

3 Weeks Post Exchange

10 Weeks Post Exchange

CLose to 8 months post exchange and 1 year anniversary since  mastectomy


Thirteenlbs said...

Yay! Great pics! Are you getting nipples- I forget.

Robyn said...

hope to eventually from Vinnie in Maryland. How are you doing? What did you decide to do did you ever get tested ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your journey. You look great. Are you pleased with the Allergan 410's or in hindsight would you make the same decision as far as the implants go? I was diagnosed with BC last year and this spring with have my expanders replaced with implants (can't freaking wait). I'm trying to decide if I should take part in the clinical trial for the 410's. I've heard they are very hard and uncomfortable? Do you find this true?

Robyn said...

I will admit that they are very hard. Sometimes If I lay on my stomach for long periods at a time the do feel uncomfortable after I get up though the uncomfortableness does go away rather quickly. but I still am happy with them enough that I would not have another surgery to switch them. If I had to do it all over again I am honestly not sure if I would change types of implants. Sometimes I say yes for the more softer feel of a natural breast, but sometimes I also say no because they look like the shape of a natural breast. Sorry not much help I know :/ My only complaint though is they are a lot more harder than a silicone/saline implant.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robyn

Can I say I cannot fully express my gratitude for you sharing your experience through your blog. I am in the UK, and soon to undergo reconstruction again(the 1st one was with a Beckers implant which was too small for my body,and went badly).
My experience in the UK with surgeons working in the National Health Service, is that they do not share much visual information of .. and most of the standard photos are on much older women. I have struggled to find any photos the allergan implant method, yet I must agree to having it.. This is quite scary to be honest. Your blog has given me more info than Ive received from my surgeoun or breast nurse! It has really helped my decision process - it is very real, up-to-date, and you are a real woman who made the decision to have these implants, who is honest to share the positives & negatives about them.
May I ask a question: I have heard that these implants can look a bit strange when you lie down on your back or side;as they dont spread/ flatten like breast tissue. Do you expereince this?

Thanks again Robyn, you are a great angel, and incredibly brave for sharing with us.

Warm regards

Robyn said...

Hi sorry I am not responding fast enough. I am so happy that I could help you and I am so happy my photos help you as well. I know when I started doing research prior to the surgery that I had a very hard time finding pictures like mine. That is why I did what I did. I knew there would be other people out there searching for answers just like me and I wanted to help them :)