Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am still here!

I have been following everyone else's blog but I just have not had time to write in my own! Time has flown by and when I look to my right my little counter thingy tells me that today marks 5 months exactly since my PBM. I am considered in the "all done club" for the most part...I will prob be considering to go with nips or not at a later date. So I am 25 days post op which is about 3.5 weeks out since my exchange. Boobs do not hurt at all except every once in a while i do get a little slight twinge from the left side. To be completely honest I am just only satisfied with my breast at this point. You;ll notice they are more flat at the top which is normal for the type of implants i have. I am ok with it but I thought they would have a slight bit more rounder effect to them. Also my breast are still some what hard which should hopefully change due to the fact that these implants are supposed to feel the most like a natural breast. I do not have another appt until May 3rd to see my PS. I did mention the flatness at my last visit but he states the only thing that would correct that is surgery....no thanks.I also got a copy of my operative report, I now know for sure that my final fill numbers were 550 cc's in my left breast and 450 cc's in my right. Both of my mastectomy scars are also approximately 8cm across and I think I may be repeating myself but my new implants are 520grams in other words my PS made me a C-Cup.  Besides talking about my boobs my personal life has also been hectic. Brian and I just recently made settlement on a house March 30th and we have been fixing it up every weekend and any other chance we get. We have to be out of our apartment by April 24th and we still have a ton more to go to fix up the new house....a little more than what we expected SURPRISE! Good thing Brian's family owns a window business and knows many different types of handy people IE: electricians, carpenters etc or else we would be shit out of luck. I have been having a hard time actually accepting the fact i don't have the strength I once had and  can't help with things normally I would be able to do no problem. I don't know how many times I have told Brian I feel useless, I mean sometimes it's a ordeal just trying to pull the trash bag out of the trash can. I am getting better though each day and I surprised myself tonight by cleaning up all the dry wall and boards from the gutted out basement all by myself. Yay! Another thing I am having a hard time with is my weight. I have always been pretty skinny and most people who know me will tell you that I could afford to gain a little weight, but in all honesty i am pretty upset about it. I weighed myself the other day and i was 130pds! that means I gained 15 pds since the surgery which for me I have not gained weight like this since I was pregnant with Liam. I have always been the person that could eat what ever and wake up with a flat stomach, all this not moving as much since the surgery has definitely taken a toll on my body. I never really exercised before unless you count walking when i train for my 3 day breast cancer event but really that's it. I think now I really have to step it up to get back into shape. I have always had some unhealthy weight issues (i know this) so even 15 pds is killing me. I can feel that my pants are tighter and I feel gross it has even effected being intimate with Brian. Hope to soon get over this hump and start to get back to normal again soon. The pics below I took last Friday when I was exactly 3 weeks post op.
Front view 3 Weeks Post Exchange
Left Breast

Another View Breast

Right Breast  with Sweet Bruise

Right Breast Again

Left Scar (Sorry they are blurry)

Right Scar (Sorry they are blurry)