Friday, January 28, 2011

4 days down and counting...

Sometimes...this is how it feels
Hey guys! So since my last blog a few things have happened. I went off my Oxy's (pain medication) on Thursday of last week and started taking the Tylenol  with codeine (Tylenol3's)  ANd started back DRIVING!!!! While being on the T3's I realized that I really wasn't in any pain that I couldn't handle so soon after starting the T3's I stopped them...and then came the nausea again. :(  I just couldn't catch a break. So by Monday I was on the phone with the PS begging for them to call me in some anti nausea medication. When I got the the pharmacy I was shocked to open my bag and see that they had only called in 2PILLS of Zofran! Seriously??? Of course by that time the office had closed and was too late to call. So Tuesday morning again, on the phone. "Hi Mary, it's Robyn" "I'm sorry to bother you but was it a mistake that I only got 2 pills of Zofran called into the pharmacy?" "No Robyn, Dr. B only wanted to hold you over til you saw your Primary Dr., He thinks you may have an underlying condition that is making you sick." (so as we all know the squeaky wheel gets oiled) "Can you please have Dr. B call me? I know my own body and I know that the only time I don't get sick is when I take the pain medication that I don't need" "I don't want to be on any type of medication anymore, All I need is anti nausea meds so I don't have to keep getting sick every night".....Well guess what? It worked! Dr. B called me in Reglan (another anti nausea medication) in the next morning. So now I am on DAy 4 of no pain medication and today is the first day I haven't taken any Reglan either! Keeping my fingers crossed and not saying anything too loud. Anyways, Next Tuesday the 1st I get my next fill. This time they are doing both breasts so I am super excited. Still scared I may possibly feel the needle prick  :( now that I am completely off medication. My PS is really awesome, I am so happy that I went with Dr. B. At my last visit I asked him if at my next fill would it be ok If Brian recorded it. He with out hesitation said "Sure you can" " I totally get what your doing" ( I had told him about my You Tube Videos) So not only new pictures will be coming next week but also a new You Tube Video as well. :) Also something really cool I did this Sunday was attend my very first FORCE Meeting! IT was awesome and couldn't believe the turnout of women, some Survivors, some Previvors and some women who just decided to choose surveillance. I was the last to speak and tell my story in my group and sadly I brought tears to some of the ladies eyes. I really loved the support I felt there knowing that in each women I could relate in some shape or form too. I was very emotional myself that day and even cried too. Luckily I had my Fellow Previvor friend Steph there by my side. Love that girl! I highly recommend checking out the FORCE WEBSITE For lots of informative advice and too see if they have meetings in your area as well! So that's all for now guys thanks for everyone who has subscribed in the past couple weeks.
Ps a special {{{{gentle hug}}}} Goes out to Starla who had her PBM today!
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The Real Ones Will Kill Me...


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