Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 months 3 weeks Since the Surgery

Or so that's what my new little ticker says, I didn't add in the surgery on December 15th just the 1st one. So to bring you up to speed things are going good! Off all pain and nausea meds, Had a visit with My PS yesterday and I got another fill. This time he filled 40cc's on my right and 100cc's on my left! Boy am I sore today and last night I eneded up having to take a pain pill for the discomfort. Its not really the streching that is hurting but there is this one spot and if you have already had this surgery with expanders you know what I am talking about...Part of the expander actually pokes at my skin I tried to get a picture of it but it didn't show up. While in the exam room yesterday Brian taped my fill which I will add on here later, once I update a video. I see the surgeon again in 2 weeks. He said that if by then I like the size and volume of my breasts he would do one more fill and then I would be ready to go. I am pretty much set on March 18th being my exchange surgery, just don't want to say it too loud shhh. Along with having my PBM I am still doing surveillance on my ovaries. As of right now I do not feel it is necessary for me to undergo any surgery of my reproductive organs, so I chose surveillance. Last Thursday I had my very first Trans-vaginal Probe U/S. For was the Pelvic part of it which was fine I was talking to the tech the whole time, then came that vaginal probe lol can you say AWKWARD! I laid in silence as she probed away. Monday morning I pulled up my results that were sent to the Dr. I work for as well as my GYN. The report said I had an ovarian cyst and thats about it. I figured if it was something to worry about My GYN would of called me, plus I have an appt for my annual in a couple of weeks. So that's it for now. I will post some new pics below for you too see. My boobs look misshaped now but this is not what the final outcome will look like so don't worry, only temporary until the exchange surgery. Lots of pics to share tonight I even included clothed ones :)
7 weeks and 11 weeks Post Op
350cc and 390cc (estimated)

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