Saturday, February 19, 2011

And so it begins....27 Days

I got myself another new little ticker haha So Now I can start my count down of 27 days til my final exchange surgery! I got the final word this tuesday that I am allowed to have my final surgery on March 18th! I also got my last fill which was 50 on the left and 40 or the right.  I am so ready to get these suckers out of me! I have a new way of explaining them to people now and I think it is a pretty good fit. I feel as though I have 2 pregnant bellies on top of where my breast should be. I don't have boobs I have two pregnant bellies and I want to pop these expanders out and my due date is march 18th. Ha I crack myself up! OR maybe I am loosing it a little bit. My next appointment is scheduled for march 3rd and this will be my pre op to talk about the exact size and type of implant I want and as to what goes down on the final day. I will go into that more on the next blog post Just wanted to catch everybody up to speed on how things are going and post my newest pictures. So with out further a do!

                                                           9 weeks and 13 weeks 400 and 430ccs

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Rachel said...

lol. good thing you were warned before hand that fully expanded expanders look hilarious! woo hoo! you are so close to being done!