Wednesday, January 19, 2011

80cc's Today WOO HOO!!!!!

Had my 2 week follow up appointment today, finally I was able to get my fill! So what it was only one breast I was so happy to get anything at all. For weeks every visit had been a disappointment but the last two visits, things are finally starting to look up! you may not see much of a difference but if you look closer the top of my left breast is now fuller than it used to be. My PS filled my right side with 80cc's today. I was nervous that the syringe prick was going to hurt but I still can not feel it. (sigh of relief) I did feel the expansion but it did not bother me one  bit. While at my visit I told my surgeon about  how lousy I would start to feel if I did not keep up with my medicine, which he confirmed were definitely symptoms of withdrawal. My next plan is to stop the Oxycontin's, I only have 4 left so when they are done, they are done! I asked that my PS give me a script for Tylenol3 (with codeine) in hopes that this will be all I need and then be able to drive again as well. I haven't been able to drive since november 11th! I have been going insane due to it. My only fear is that I am going to get sick once the Oxy's are done, hoping that the Tylenol3 will pick up the slack. I don't want to have this happen while at work either, at this point I will probaby start with the Tylenol3 by Thursady so please keep your fingers crossed for me. So my next visit is in 2 weeks, and will get another fill :) Hopefully 2 months from now I will be all ready for my EXCHANGE!!!! And now with out further ado some pictures!





Star said...

80 cc is 80 cc - lookin great!

Ps. Is it wrong that I love that you have giant ring pop container full of markers and a hand print hanging from your thermastat? What a good mom!

Robyn said...

heck yeah I do! and they are sitting on top of a home made "lego table" lol not wrong at all :)

Rachel said...

yaaaaay! you are on your way now! the skin and incision looks so much better.

The Andersons said...

HI Robyn,

Thank you for doing this. I have my PBM on February 10 and I am getting a little nervous. It is the unknown that is so scary. Your video blogs definitely help that. I am going to have my husband watch them too. Thank you for being so bold and sharing your story. It will help many!!


Robyn said...

Thanks Tammy! Glad I could help! If I can help you out in any other way please let me know!

The Andersons said...

How did you come to the decision to have your nipples removed? And will you have them tattooed? That is the decision I have to make right now. My BS said I was a good candidate for nipple sparing, but my PS encouraged me to remove them. I can't decide. I just need to hear from someone who has been there.

By the way, this was eye-opening for my a good way. I want him to be a little prepared for it all. : ) He has no idea!!!!

Robyn said...

Tammy, To be totally honest and try not to offend others at the same time...I was against the nipple sparing or the skin sparing procedure. I didn't like the concept of keeping everything and only scraping the tissue off...I look at it this way I wasn't to worried about the cosmetic look as long as they could get as much tissue as possible. If I was going to go through with the surgery then I might as well get rid of it all. Everybody has different opinions on this matter and I have also met a lot of women who did have the sparing procedure, in the end it is up to you and what you feel more comfortable with. To answer your other question, I was not a good candidate for the nipple sparing due to the fact that my breasts had sagged from childbirth (see my before pictures) I am totally happy with the decision I made and thats what matters