Friday, December 24, 2010

Surgery again!!?!?!

Where we left off was at this lovely picture....

I figured this wasn't how it was supposed to look, but i still waited and didn't call the doctor. I kept it covered and put neosporin on it and nervously awaited my next appointment, they were only 1 week apart at this time. This visit I was supposed to get filled on my left breast to catch up to the right. they had to remove more from my left breast due to more tissue and skin compared to the right. Once I got to the office my plastic surgeon took one look at it and scheduled me for the following day for an out patient surgery. I was so upset that I had come as far as 5 weeks and now would have to completely start over on my left breast! The next day I was in and out in a few hours and back at home with a drain in place and in a lot of pain. It felt like freaking dejavu. While I was under the surgeon wanted to check if there was any infection, he also feared that if we didn't do something about it now, by christmas time my expander had a chance of ripping through my incision. He found no visible infection and the cultures came back negative Thank god! He replaced my expander with a new one and filled it as much as he could, he said I have about 100cc's less in my left breast compared to my right that has 310ccs.

5 1/2 weeks post op and 1 week after 2nd surgery

left breast 1 week post op from second surgery

left breast side view

right breast 5 weeks post op! looks awesome!

right breast side view

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