Friday, December 24, 2010

Better late than Never

Well that's annoying I had this awesome blog wrote and I went to add pictures and the entire entry got deleted! So now I have to start over again. As my title says better late than never, in this entry I am going to show you the progression that I have made so far. I have been documenting on you tube but I have also been taking pictures as well. What I am about to show you is my before and after pictures. I guess saying goodbye to my boobs may have been a little easier since I hated them to begin with. Before I had Liam I had these perky little Bcups that I loved, after childbirth and gravity decided it wanted to take its course early, I was left with these nasty droopy huge areola yeah I said it. After I realized these things weren't going away my self esteem diminished. During the dating phase I refused to show people my chest.  I was just disgusted by them. Once I was diagnosed with the BRCA gene I felt as though my breast were now a death sentence, like two ticking time bombs waiting to explode. But still, they were a part of me and a reminder of my beautiful son Liam so i was still hard to say goodbye. The night before surgery I had Brian take the last shots of my soon to be amputated breasts, I still shudder when I look at them and the fact that all of the internet will now see them too. So here goes....

Before Front view

Before side view

Before diagonal view

After surgery photos 

5 days post op 250ccs

left breast

left breast

right breast

right breast

WOW! big difference huh! Although it looks painful (oh it was ! ) I will tell you that I could not feel anything around where my incisions were, most of my pain centered around the drain sites. and under my breasts which I later found out he sewed the expanders to my rib cage. YIKES! Next I will show you 3 1/2 weeks post op 

Front view 3.5 weeks post op

right breast

left breast

right side

left side

As you can see above on the left side of the breast there is a huge scab, at my next visit the surgeon removed it by cutting it off with scissors. Next op 4 weeks post op 

4 weeks post op

Left Breast (notice the scab that was removed)

Left breast

Right breast

Right breast

 this is the left breast looks gross!

to be continued.... 

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