Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh emm gee!

Oh my goodness! It's down to the wire now and surgery is less than a week away. 6:30am this coming Friday March 18th I will be undergoing my EXCHANGE SURGERY!!!  I am a little late in updating but Tuesday the 1st of March I went to my "Pre Op visit" at my PS. I thought I was all done my fills but Dr. B surprised me and wanted to fill my left side ( the problem one) one last time to match the size of my right, give or take 20ccs. So he filled me up 60cc's on my left. This is the first time Brian didn't come with me since I figured this would be a quick appointment so I had to drive my self back home the 45 min drive in traffic, ugh. For the next couple of days I was so uncomfortable at work. I had a few extra pain meds left so once a day I would take a little something to ease the discomfort. By Friday I was good as new again! Funny little story I want to share with you all. Brian's mom was throwing a fundraiser for her local hospital's cancer center the next night. Months before I had picked out a dress I already owned for the event. When I tried it back on at the end of February my boobs wouldn't fit in it! You girls know what I am talking about when it is impossible to push your boobs in because they are like cannon balls! Brian's mom took me out dress shopping and we found a dress that fit and looked great on  me. Gotta love SEARS $30 later I had a new dress! Little did I know that Dr. B had this surprise up his sleeve of filling me again though! I was worried after my fill the NEW dress wouldn't fit either. I tried it on and a sigh of relief later I was still OK. Guess I should of walked around a little in it  first, because come the night at the party all my dress wanted to do was give people a nippeless peepshow from left field lol. All night long I was continuously pulling up the dress on the left side because I couldn't feel it sliding down (numbness still) at one point and after quite a few beers I hear Brian's brother shout out "Yo Nips!" oops I was almost totally exposed on my left side! I have no shame I just pulled it on up again and kept right on dancing :) So back to my Pre Op Visit My PS told me that give or take some cc's on the eft or right that he had filled me up to about 500ccs. My new implants will be about 400-450 ccs which will leave me with a large Bcup. I am ok with not being big, I am too small for the boobs that I used to have which were a large Ccup. So there you have it I will post some pics below but these also were from the 1st week of March after my last fill. And here is a picture of  me in my Dress too :)
And here are my last pictures before my EXCHANGE SURGERY!!!!

11 weeks and 15 weeks Post op Final Fill
Right breast 15 weeks Post op
Left Breast 11 weeks Post op
My Scars are Fading away so much!
Look How shiny my left side is, due to being so tightly stretched
Almost there!!!
Bottom shot
Top shot/ My left side is flat as a shelf on the top!
Left Scar 11 weeks
Right Scar 15 weeks

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The Andersons said...

Oh, I am so happy for you and a little jealous. I only have 350 cc's in and I am so uncomfortable. I dream about ripping the expanders out of my chest multiple times a week.

Thank you for sharing your story. It has been so helpful for me. For instance, I started taking my pain pills again after injections because I am so uncomfortable. I was happy to read that you did the same thing. Makes me feel normal. Wait, will I ever feel that way again?!

GOOD LUCK tomorrow!! Can't wait to read about it!