Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Allergan 410 Implants

Surgery is only 12 days away now and I figured I should tell you all what type of implant I chose. I chose to be a part of a clinical trial by using the Allergan 410's. These are not approved by the FDA yet but only because there is not enough clinical information to back them up.

 Here is a little insert that I copied and pasted that I found online:

Cohesive breast implants*, otherwise known as The Inamed Style 410 Implant were invented in the early 1990s, and have been used throughout the world for about 10 years. These implants were originally created with two purposes in mind: First, to make a longer- lasting implant, and second, to make an implant that would maintain a more attractive and predictable shape.
The goal in maintaining the natural shape of the breast is achieved in two distinct ways. Most importantly, it is achieved by making the gel more cohesive or firm, so that it is less liquid-like and more solid than other silicone gel implants. For this reason, they are also known as the “gummy bear implants”. If a cohesive implant is cut in half, there is no gross movement of gel, and the implant maintains its shape. 

That means that in any position, the implant maintains its profile and should not fold, which in turn allows it to maintain a particular shape. Secondly, maintaining the natural shape of the breast is achieved by the unique tear drop shape that the cohesive breast implant anatomically mirrors. A breast projects more at the bottom than at the top. Therefore, it makes sense for an implant to be shaped that way. The thinner the implant is at the top, the more gradually and naturally it will feather into the upper chest, making itself less conspicuous. As these uniquely designed implants are currently not FDA approved,  The trials are open to patients seeking a first time augmentation, a revision of a breast augmentation, or breast reconstruction following mastectomy



Amy said...


I bet you are very excited for your exchange. I am two weeks out from my PBM and I am already looking forward to it. I am also going to have the Allergan 410s. What size are you getting and what is your expected cup size? I am hoping to be a full B or maybe a small C. I was an A to start. Thanks!

Robyn said...

Hi Amy, I also don't want to go too big. My expanders have been filled about 500ccs. My PS told me that I will be a large B cup he wants to exchange too a 4-450 cc implant.

Unknown said...

HI, I currently have round implants that were used for reconstruction after my double mastectomy. I am considering removing my round implants as they ripple very badly as I have no extra tissue at the top of the implant. My surgeon has suggested we go to a 410 gummy bear. I have read that these implants can slip down, giving you an uneven appearance. Has this happened to either of you?

Robyn said...

I have yet to have my implants move out of place or come together like a uni boob. So far so good!

Amy said...

My implants haven't moved at all either. They are a bit uneven (right side is higher slightly) since my right side muscle is tighter than my left, but it doesn't bug me. My uneven-ness (and really, it is so slight only I notice it) isn't because of slipping of the left, but tightness on the right. Hope that helps and good luck!