Saturday, March 19, 2011

24 Hours down now time for the Unveiling

So yesterdays surgery went extremely well. I even tolerated the car ride home with all the bumps and pot holes. A few hours after I got home i started to feel like crap. Pain set in and even some nausea. I took a Zofran and that did the trick. I also took some Oxycontin and Dilaudid and was in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. Woke up this morning feeling much better. Slight pain but I have been up for about 4 hours and still haven't taken anything besides two tylenol due to the headache I have. I am sure later on today I will end up popping a pill but for now I am OK :) My only complaint as of right now is the constant itching I have been doing due o the local Lidocaine pump they sent me home with. I still remember after my mastectomy having the same problem with the intense itching. I had not gotten to see my Foobs till an hour ago because they had to stay covered for the first 24 hours. I have to say I think they look amazing!!!!! I know they are swollen right now but I am so happy with what they look at after 24 hours. They are not really even bruised! Of course you know me so Pictures are to follow :) As of right now I compiled a little list of things I can and can not do, it's small but at least it may help a little
things I can do on my own
brush teeth
walk upstairs
go to bathroom
survive a car ride
put up hair into bun
get on/off couch
empty drains
change dressings
lift arms about 120 degrees

things I can not do yet
lift anything >5pds
Have a BM
Sleep flat
Sleep in a bed

sure I will think of more later on... ok with out further a do MY PICTURES!
Lidocaine Pump and Drains
Last expander picture Prior to Exchange

1 DAy Post Op
After Exchange with Allergan 410 Implants

Left Breast 1 day Post op

Right Breast 1 day post op

Diagonal View of Right Side

Diagonal View of Left side

Thank You Dr. Buinewicz! 
Best Surgeon Ever! 


Rachel said...

they look amazing!!! i love them!

Robyn said...

Thanks Rach!

Amy said...

You look great! You must be so pleased and I hope you are feeling good.

I found your blog a month or so before my PBM and have watched your progress with much interest. It has helped so much to see someone go thru exactly what I was planning on going thru. Thanks for posting! It made this journey alot easier!

Michelle said...

Fantastic! What cup size are you now? What kind of bra do you have on in the picture? I'm trying to decide what to get for post-op. I want SOMETHING. LOL. I got my pj's today and some button down shirt. Oh goodness I'm getting nervous....Ok enough about my feelings on your blog. I'm going to write my own LOL. Once again you look great :)

Thirteenlbs said...

I cannot tell you how much it means to see your journey online. Thank you SO MUCH.

I'm in Philly too...maybe we can meet at some point? I am still processing my pre- diagnosis but have decided on a similar procedure. I do not have the results of my bcra tests yet, but my family history is so crazy that it doesn't matter what the results are (mom, dad, both grandmoms, sister).

You look incredible! I hope you are healing okay...if you need stuff from the outside world, do let me know. I'm not kidding.

silvia said...

Glad to see you are done with the expanders. The new breast look very symmetrical. How do they feel so far?

Robyn said...

@ sylvia as of right now they are still a little hard but WAY BETTER than the expanders that i had in that felt like 2 pregnant bellies.

@Amy So glad I can be here to help you. That is what my goal is for this blog and the videos. I want to help as many people as I possibly can :)

@ Michelle, I am not sure what cup size I am at this point totally forgot to ask that today at the PS. I go back friday so I will ask then. I do know my implants were 520grams each. (allergans do not go by cc's). The post op bra that I have on in the pictures is actually the one the hospital set me home in. One thing I will recommend you get are these ice/heat packs. they are the best things in the world!

@Thirteenlbs That is awesome you are in philly. I would deff meet up sometime if you wanted to. I am an open book :) Your family history is pretty intense. When do you think you are going to get tested. I can recommend you a great genetic counselor. Where in philly are you?

Thirteenlbs said...

West. I have a GC- she's the one who rec'd the tests. I'm at Penn and pretty happy so far.

Robyn said...

Penn is a great hospital! I know two women down there that own a store called Faith and Hope. I got my mastectomy bras from there. they are sisters one went through preventive surgery and the other had BC. both had bilateral mastectomies with reconstruction. I know they would talk to you if you ever wanted to talk to someone. here is there website -- are also having a local FORCE meeting at their Abington location this sunday 3pm to 5pm. The abington location is 2 blocks always from where i live :) I will be going to it :)

Thirteenlbs said...

Wow, I totally missed the last comment...and the force meeting, boo. I REALLY would've attended. I did get my results back- I'm negative. But moving ahead with the surgery. Sigh.

For some reason I am scared to call the breast + plastic surgeons. I'm hesitating...