Friday, May 27, 2011

10 weeks post op

 Hey all just updating since my last post. I had my Laparoscopic surgery on Wednesday and luckily no ovaries were harmed in the removal of my cyst. They got the whole thing out and biopsied it right on the spot and when I awoke from surgery I heard the most beautiful word ever "BENIGN"  So that closes another BRCA chapter for now. I am not sure if I heard this correctly or not but I think he may have taken a piece of ovary while he was in there and sent it off to pathology and was to get results today, Brian said he didn't say anything to him so maybe I was just dreaming, Sorry my updates are so far and few in between, Life has been hectic. We have been working on the house non stop and my computer has also been on the fritz since we moved in here. I did however take my 10 week post op pictures today so I can share them with you so here they are...
So happy on how they look in a bathing suit!!!
Took these pics on my own ( 10 weeks post exchange)

Right Breast (you can also see scar from drain site)

Left Breast (again scar from drain site)

Right breast I just started putting cocoa butter on this week

Left breast

Both my arms up and you can see my band aids from Wednesday's surgery too


Thirteenlbs said...

You look great! Glad to know that you are doing well...and thanks for the updates.

Also- do you know anything about Dr. Serletti at Penn? I'm going for my PS consult next week!

Sorry if this sounds weird, but your boobs make me feel better about this whole thing! You look fantastic!

Robyn said...

I can't say I have heard about Dr. Serletti, I can ask around though if any of my local BRCA girls have heard good things about him. Thanks for the compliments on my Boobs lol is it weird that your compliments make ME feel better about the whole thing? lol. Good luck next week!

Robyn said...

ok so in the matter of like 10 mins I spoke to 3 other local BRCA girls one said HELL NO! this surgeon messed up her sister and a few others at that. Another lady said she heard mixed reviews and another girl told me she loved him but he didn't do her initial surg just the nipple recon. They all spoke very highly of Dr. Liza Wu and that she is wonderful and a perfectionist. That is Serletti's partner

Kristy B said...

Hi Robyn!
My name is Kristy and I found your blog on YouTube while searching for information on PBM with reconstruction. I am 33 years old and have a benign mass in my right breast that the physician is recommending removal because it "can turn malignant in the future." I have a STRONG family history including my mother, aunt, grandmother, and great aunt all breast cancer survivors. So I began mammograms at age 30 and up until 3 weeks ago, all were great. So now I faced with the decision of PBM or lumpectomy with now 6month mammo/US follow ups. My OB/Gyn encouraged me to seek out the PBM after talking with her about it. My mother tested BRAC negative, but her oncologist doesn't believe there not some genetic link since EVERY woman on my mother's side has had breast cancer at age 50! I appreciate all your posts. They have been very helpful. I am a little scared, but feel confident. Everyone makes comments about "don't you think that is extreme, Kristy, for deciding to do the mastectomy?" I meet with the breast surgeon on Thursday and feel pretty good about it!
Thank you,

Kristy said...

Hi Robyn! I really don't know how the blog works, but if you have any word of advice or input about my situation on the previous post, feel free to email me at!
Thank you,

Rachel said...


Thirteenlbs said...

Robyn, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had a feeling that this guy...well, I dunno. But I WILL be changing my appointment to Dr. Wu. I really want to stay at Penn...if I can.

Robyn said...

lol rach! 13pds I am so glad you saw my messages before you met with him. I have heard many many good things about Liza Wu.

Anonymous said...

Your breasts look amazing, and coming from a man I am sure you are glad to hear it. I am glad you have taken the steps to get this done, knowing it would change how you look. You are a smart and brave woman....great job.